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Lack of transition time

There is no time to get ready for the next exercise. Especially if I have to grab the required equipment or water. I personally like Johnson & Johnson’s 7 minute workout app.

Functional and easy interface

It’s fast paced so I found myself playing catch-up as I learned the various moves and exercises. I like the variety and being able to do a shorter quick workout is great. Yes some of the exercises I am unable to do or don’t like but I just substitute for something similar. I’m a 62 yo male and like this extra boost to my routine.

My favorite

I’ve tried tonnnssss of led workout apps - this one is my favorite. there’s no paywall I think, only a more premium tier. So easy to pick a workout and fire it up for a no thought workout to get your heart rate up in any 4x4 room basically. Try it out! It’s free 😁

Best workout app I’ve found

I love this app. It was so easy to get up and running and it makes all the choices for you. It even let you give feedback on which exercises you want to make more difficult or easier for the next workout. It’s a breeze to use and I’m really getting a good workout. I feel like I’m getting a really well-rounded work out.


Terrific app with packaged workouts based on the amount of time you have that day. Great variety, good level of explanation and enough ability to customize after each workout. Great job!


This app is so far the best that I’ve used. The workouts are killer, the instructors are pre-recorded but still informative, and the app doesn’t charge to work out or follow any videos. It’s free and still very good to use. Overall the app is great, and I would recommend to anyone who wants to workout.

So far so good!!!!

Dec2017 - Loving the app. Love the option of shorter 2min or 7min workout; for those times when you have a little spare time for a quicker workout. Looking forward to more workout especially once the results start to kick in.


Stryve is a good idea that is poorly executed. Having packaged workouts that get progressively harder eliminates the paradox of choice problems that most fitness apps have. However, the app is frustratingly rigid. You can’t like/dislike certain exercises, so you’re stuck with whatever the app decides is best. The only option you get is to “make it easier” or “make it harder,” but, guess what? It doesn’t work! Every time I try to adjust the difficulty, the next exercise has the same difficulty rating as the previous one. Extremely frustrating. Furthermore, the workouts move at a pace that doesn’t reflect reality. There’s no time to transition in between exercises. You have to pause the workout after every exercise, so you can adjust your position, grad the needed equipment or take a sip of water. I won’t be renewing my subscription if these issues aren’t addressed.

Great start

Today was my first day. I really like the pace of the workout I did. I get bored easy with repetitive rounds. This kept me moving and hurting afterwards. I like the rating system at the end of the workout.


I am impressed.

Good workouts but crappy design

Their workout plans are good, but heres the catch, the app is very rigid. You cannot restart your workouts from mid if by mistake you closed your app. My app crashed on me 20 mins into my workout and now i cannot continue it, i have to start over. Would be a lot better if they changed their app.

Love it and helps my back greatly

This app is great. I tried a few others, but I finally settled on this one. It offers a nice variety of exercises, really gets my heart going and makes me feel stronger. It's also fun. The biggest advantage for me, over the others apps, is that it strengthens my back and core muscles without putting much strain on my lower back which has been bothering me for years. I like this app so much that I'm considering getting an Apple TV just for it - unless they decide to implement chromecast! 😀


Today was my first day. I couldn't complete the whole 24 minutes... but I will continue. The exercises will a lot easy the more I do them. GREAT APP!!!

It is no that good

Just non no no it is really not working


This app helps me get in shape and actually exercise to my full extent! If your looking for an amazing workout, this is the perfect app. I've lost weight in the past weeks, and I feel amazing! I recommend this app! 5 start!!!! AND it's perfect if you don't have a car to drive to the gym!

Well-curated workouts

I swear by this app! I just joined as a subscriber a week ago and I feel the results. Hopefully I start seeing them soon too.

Súper bueno

Ideal para hacer en casa

This is great and makes it easy to get a workout in!

I'm just restarting to get I to the habit of regularly working out and let me tell you this app has made it very easy! I've only been using it a week but I am really loving it! Instructions are easy and they keep the set up very simple and easy. I really enjoy that you can adjust the workouts by evaluating your own performance after the workout. It can make one or all parts of the workout easier or harder- and I think that's awesome! Will use because the workout are short (or they are for me at the moment, not sure if everyone starts out the same-23 minutes-) but it really works for me with my schedule and I feel like I get a great workout!

Really Great for All Levels

I've stopped working out regularly over the past few years, and this was a great way to start up! I feel like I actually know what I'm doing, I'm able to push myself more, and the videos point out what I assume to be common mistakes that really help fix problems I didn't even know I had.

Using it since its launch

This app helped boost my fitness journey. It's an easy app to use. Right when you open it it gives you your workout. Really easy to navigate. I love that you get daily reminders to get your workout in. I've gotten awesome results. As with any workout routine, it will only work if you do.

Love the content, app has room for growth

I'm new at this workout regimen thing, and I tried a number of apps and really got hooked by Stryve. The workouts are nicely varied and tailored to me. After each workout it asks if certain exercises were too tough, just right, or too easy, and it does adjust the next workout accordingly. As a novice in the fitness realm, this has been far better than other apps that just give you a prerecorded workout that you can only guess will be a good fit for you. The app itself is sparse, and it's lacking features that many other apps have. There is no calendar, there are no healthy living resources (such as nutrition), and the "Stryve points" that you earn after each workout have yet to show any purpose. They did just add the ability to set a reminder for your next workout, so I can see that they are working on improving the app itself and I hold out hope that more features are coming. Stryve has built a barebones app to deliver a dynamic, personalized fitness program that I have found to be far more enjoyable than most other offerings out there.

Love this app

A really clean app with a ton of well balanced workouts. Love that I can opt in and out shorter routines when I need to.


Out of shape and 56. Entered my true data and got a ''custom' workout I had no prayer of accomplishing. I cant do 10 push-ups so how could I do 20 seconds of chair push ups? No music, no modification options, monotone instructors and it looks like they are in a dirty subway station. Continuing my app search.

Fantastic app!

I was a little apprehensive on how good of a workout an app could give me; especially at $.83/month. So far, it has exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Fantastic app!

I love the customizable workout program. It makes it where I can have just the right amount of intensity in under 30 minutes.

Great app

Great app especially with its Apple TV support . You can practicing while watching the coaches on your Tv. Hope to support Apple Watch in the future

What a hard core workout

It's really kick my butt off

Really effective

The workouts really have pushed me and are great workouts. They feel fast thanks to the way they divide up the workouts but work you hard for about 24 minutes combining a little cardio with strength. Really excited to see what progress I make in a few months of following this app!

Simple app, excellent workouts

Benefits my body

Sorry guys

Well ok... I started using the app and thought it was great but then I noticed how they used the same moves a lot of the time. I don't really like that. And they make each move time period really short so I can't really start to feel the burn.

Great workout at home

The workouts are tailored to you, based on your goals and feedback you input after each session. The instructors are easy to understand and the environment is not too busy, making it easier to focus on the instructors' form. Music is a subtle (mine is set at 50%) backbeat. Really nothing to complain about. If you want to get in shape in the privacy of your own home this app is for you.

I love the app

I don't really enjoy working out at home but with this app I actually learned to enjoy sweating at home and still able to keep an eye on my soon to be 6 month old. I've made some space in the garage to accommodate the training I'm learning! Definitely would recommend this app to others!

Can't sync to Health app

Otherwise, it is a great app and the Apple TV app is a bonus. I'll up it to 5 stars when they fix the health app bug.

No outside music works

Will not work with Spotify, only allows their bad dance music.

Loving this App

This app is just what I needed to start getting back in shape. Good mix of workouts and love that you can let the app know if it's time for u to up the intensity of a certain workout or do the opposite if your finding something too challenging. Look forward to what you guys will be bringing in the future. Keep up the great work!

Great App and Great Customer Service

The workouts are great and easy to follow. I ran into a problem when my son hit a button our appletv and completed a workout I didn't complete. I couldn't figure out how to go back and do it so I fb messaged Stryve and they answered within minutes and fixed my problem!! There great customer service will go a long way with having a great app!!

Health app sync fail

At first it works right after the work out, and then the data disappeared after changing "workout per week" setting. Terrible! Please make sure the workout data saved in the app and sync to the health app properly.

Decent App, not syncing to Health App

Pretty okay. Except that it doesn't sync to the health app and it's a bit pricey!

Way too expensive for what your getting

The app is aesthetically pleasing and the workouts are great, the problem is price. There are a multitude of services for building workout plans, the point of apps like these is convenience and repetition. Unless your providing a service that doesn't exist yet or your undercutting an existing service, the pricing should be more reasonable. Ex. A Netflix subscription is the same price and look at what you're getting from that platform. Until such a time as it's less than 8 dollars a month, I don't see it as worth the cost.

Just Amazing!

This is excellent way to exercise at home without having to pay for a gym membership and suffering that smell at the gym! It is great for any range of skill and experience in fitness. I am an avid runner and Stryve keeps my body leaned and balance. Strive! Strive! Stryve!

Excellent fitness app

I cannot believe this app is free!! Incredibly well done, the workouts will challenge you whatever your fitness level. The videos are very high quality.

Stryve for better fitness!!

With so many fitness apps coming out everyday, Stryve stands out as the best because of it does a much better job in catering personalized workouts for whatever your fitness goals are. You don't even need any gym equipment which is great if you want to get in an intense workout at home (or anywhere else you feel like working out). Get this app and get fit!!!

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